South Plains College
Female Entertainer of the Year 2011
Outstanding Female Vocalist 2011

 Colgate Country Showdown 2010
National Finals - Runner-up
Southwest Regional Winner
State Winner - Colorado
Winner for the Upper Arkansas Valley

  Western Music Association
Crescendo Winner - youth - 2010
Carin Mari & Pony Express

Academy of Western Artists
"Will Rogers Award"
Western Music-Yodeler 2009  

North America Country Music Association, International
2009 Female Entertainer of the Year 
Traditional Country   


2009 Songwriter of the Year
Traditional Country 

"Always A Road"

And for the band.....
2009 Most Promising Album of the Year 

"Follow the Trail"

Western Music Association
2008 International Yodeling Champion
2008 International Harmony Group
Youth   -  Colin, Evan, and Carin

Colorado Country Music Association
Best Western Band
Best Vocal Group

Best Western Album 
"Follow the Trail"

Female Vocalist 

Female Entertainer 

#1 Songwriting 
"Always a Road"  
#2 Songwriting 
"Follow the Trail" 

National Festival of the West
2006 Youth Entertainers of the Year
Colin, Evan, Carin

2004 Patsy Montana National Yodeling Champion

Colorado Country Music Association
Traditional Country Female Vocalist

Traditional Female Entertainer 
Traditional Country Duo  
Carin and Colin

                                        NACMAI Awards '09

                                        CCMA Awards 2008